EyeDropAlarm App - available for free from the iPhone App Store

The EyeDropAlarm app makes it easy to remember to put in your eyedrops.  

It is the best eye drop medication reminder app for the iPhone.  It is free and is the only app with the following:  

-  Clear alerts that indicate right/left/both eyes and the color of the bottle cap

-  No need to type in the name of the drop, just select it from the list

-  Option to set a tapering schedule (reduce number of times per day over time)

-  Option to schedule drops from 1 up to 24 times per day (hourly)

-  Automatically puts a time gap between drops scheduled for the same time of day, as recommended by doctors

-  Can set up alerts in advance (for upcoming surgery)

-  Diagrams and tips on how to insert eyedrops